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Chicago Justice 2017

Drama | Crime | Legal

Just like their brethren in the Chicago P.D., the State's Attorney's dedicated team of prosecutors and investigators navigates heated city politics and controversy head-on, while fearlessly pursuing justice. As they take on the city's high-stakes and often media-frenzied cases, they must balance public opinion, power struggles within the system, and their unwavering passion for the law. And it all starts with a gut-wrenching case when one of Chicago's finest is shot in the line of duty.
Season 01
01x13 Tycoon (4 months ago)
01x12 Fool Me Twice (4 months ago)
01x11 Tycoon (4 months ago)
01x10 Drill (5 months ago)
01x09 Lily's Law (5 months ago)
01x08 Tycoon (5 months ago)
01x07 Drill (5 months ago)
01x06 Dead Meat (5 months ago)
01x05 Friendly Fire (6 months ago)
01x04 Judge Not (6 months ago)
01x03 See Something (6 months ago)
01x02 Uncertainty Principle (6 months ago)
01x01 Fake (6 months ago)