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Kingin' With Tyga 2015


"Kingin' with Tyga" gives an inside look at the life of the hit recording artist. The six episode, half-hour series follows Tyga and his crew as they attempt over-the-top stunts and indulge in a lavish lifestyle made famous by his Instagram account, which currently has more than 5 million followers.
Season 02
02x06 King Of Dubai (5 months ago)
02x05 Last Kings Burger (5 months ago)
02x04 Playground Fit for a Mini-King (5 months ago)
02x03 Cash Is King (5 months ago)
02x02 King of Pranks (5 months ago)
02x01 International Kingin' (5 months ago)
Season 01
01x06 The Life (5 months ago)
01x05 Making Changes (5 months ago)
01x04 Scrap Gold (5 months ago)
01x03 King Kingin (5 months ago)
01x02 The Challenge (5 months ago)
01x01 Introducing The King (5 months ago)