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Thriller Drama Action Mystery
The second movie in David Hare's Johnny Worricker trilogy. Loose-limbed spy Johnny Worricker, last seen whistleblowing at MI5 in Page Eight, has a new life. He is hiding out in Ray-Bans on the Caribbean islands of the title, eating lobster and calling himself Tom Eliot (he’s a poet at heart). We’re drawn into his world and his predicament when Christopher Walken strolls in as a shadowy American who claims to know Johnny. The encounter forces him into the company of some ambiguous American businessmen who claim to be on the islands for a conference on the global financial crisis. When one of them falls in the sea, their financial PR seems to know more than she's letting on. Worricker soon learns the extent of their shady activities and he must act quickly to survive when links to British prime minister Alec Beasley come to light.
Bill Nighy's poster
Bill Nighy
Johnny Worricker
Christopher Walken's poster
Christopher Walken
Curtis Pelissier
Winona Ryder's poster
Winona Ryder
Melanie Fall
Ralph Fiennes's poster
Ralph Fiennes
Prime Minister Alec Beasley
Helena Bonham Carter's poster
Helena Bonham Carter
Margot Tyrell
Rupert Graves's poster
Rupert Graves
Stirling Rogers
Dylan Baker's poster
Dylan Baker
Gary Bethwaite
Ewen Bremner's poster
Ewen Bremner
Rollo Madeley
Zach Grenier's poster
Zach Grenier
Dido Parsons
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's poster
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Colin Maitlis