The Vision



TV Movie Drama
Veteran broadcaster James Marriner is persuaded to front a new big budget national family TV channel. But he begins to suspect that the channel is a front for something much more sinister and political.
Lee Remick's poster
Lee Remick
Grace Gardner
Dirk Bogarde's poster
Dirk Bogarde
James Marriner
Eileen Atkins's poster
Eileen Atkins
Helen Marriner
Helena Bonham Carter's poster
Helena Bonham Carter
Jo Marriner
Paul Maxwell's poster
Paul Maxwell
Bill Freed
Philip O'Brien's poster
Philip O'Brien
Charlie Parrot
Philip O'Brien's poster
Philip O'Brien
Charlie Parrott
Bruce Boa's poster
Bruce Boa
Channel President
Lynda Bellingham's poster
Lynda Bellingham
Mary Morris