Till Human Voices Wake Us
2002 • R



Drama Mystery Romance Thriller
Sam and Silvy are best friends. One night, as they are watching a falling star while floating on their backs in a lake, Sylvy disappears from his side. Despite his best efforts, he cannot find her under water. Many years later, Sam, now a psychologist, returns to bury his father. Back in his hometown, he meets a woman called Ruby who reminds him in so many ways of his lost love.
Guy Pearce's poster
Guy Pearce
Dr. Sam Franks
Helena Bonham Carter's poster
Helena Bonham Carter
Frank Gallacher's poster
Frank Gallacher
Maurie Lewis
Lindley Joyner's poster
Lindley Joyner
Young Sam Franks
Brooke Harman's poster
Brooke Harman
Silvy Lewis
Peter Curtin's poster
Peter Curtin
Dr. David Franks
Margot Knight's poster
Margot Knight
Dorothy Lewis
Anthony Martin's poster
Anthony Martin