Penguin Flu



When nearly the entire school gets PENGUIN FLU, it's up to our misfit team of underclassmen to deliver the morning announcements - for the first time ever.
Landon Gimenez's poster
Landon Gimenez
Larry Coburn
Jade Marks's poster
Jade Marks
Jane Johnson
Zach Hennessey's poster
Zach Hennessey
Zero Zamuner
Olivia Sullivent's poster
Olivia Sullivent
Ocean Modin
Arielle Gottesman's poster
Arielle Gottesman
Arianna Andreychuk
Giselle Copeland's poster
Giselle Copeland
Gabby Taylor
Kolten Kirschke's poster
Kolten Kirschke
Kenny Koekkoek
Evee White's poster
Evee White
Emily Cullimore (as EVee White)
Noah Centineo's poster
Noah Centineo
Brandon Bradley
Madison Iseman's poster
Madison Iseman
Beyonce Buckles