Farewell for Today


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Kouta Fujioka is a 29-year old man who has a good family, including his father who always supports him, his mother who enjoys cooking, and his older sister with her bright personality. He also has a girlfriend named Etsuko Tanebe. Kouta wants people to eat delicious foods made by him and begins a job as an apprentice chef at a restaurant. One day, Kouta suddenly passes out and is sent to the hospital, where he is diagnosed with malignant lymphoma, completely changing his life. Given three months left to live, Kouta makes up his mind, with the support of his family and those he meets at the hospital, to accept his fate and "face a proper death".
Satoshi Ohno's poster
Satoshi Ohno
Kouta Fujioka
Ryosuke Yamada's poster
Ryosuke Yamada
Nobuo Harada
Kyoko Fukada's poster
Kyoko Fukada
Yuriko Ookubo
Fumino Kimura's poster
Fumino Kimura
Etsuko Tanabe
Mimura's poster
Koharu Fujioka
Kayoko Kishimoto's poster
Kayoko Kishimoto
Yasuko Fujioka
Tomokazu Miura's poster
Tomokazu Miura
Kenjiro Fujioka
Kyusaku Shimada's poster
Kyusaku Shimada
Hiroki Murayama
Ken Mitsuishi's poster
Ken Mitsuishi
Tetsuo Machida
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Morio Agata