The Devil's Light


Horror Thriller
Sister Ann is a restless 25-year-old who devoutly believes that performing exorcisms is her calling. But she is at odds with the institution's traditions: nuns are not allowed to perform exorcisms, only priests. With the support of a mentor, a professor who senses her special gift, she is allowed to observe actual training sessions. Her desire to prove herself takes a personal turn when she meets one of the school's most disturbed patients. During their harrowing encounters, Sister Ann comes face to face with a demonic force that infests the school and has mysterious ties to her own past. It is then that the power of evil and her own startling abilities are fully realized.
Jacqueline Byers's poster
Jacqueline Byers
Sister Ann
Colin Salmon's poster
Colin Salmon
Father Quinn
Christian Navarro's poster
Christian Navarro
Father Dante
Lisa Palfrey's poster
Lisa Palfrey
Sister Euphemia
Nicholas Ralph's poster
Nicholas Ralph
Father Raymond
Ben Cross's poster
Ben Cross
Cardinal Matthews
Virginia Madsen's poster
Virginia Madsen
Dr. Peters
Tom Forbes's poster
Tom Forbes
Velizar Binev's poster
Velizar Binev
Father Bernhard
Owen Davis's poster
Owen Davis
Emcee At Pub