Sinister Stepsister


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Thriller TV Movie
Jeff Mitchell seems to have it all. He has an interesting and lucrative job, a loving wife, and two amazing kids. Therefore, life is good. However, on one bright day, a cosmic sucker punch comes out of the blue. When Jeff was in high school, unbeknownst to him, he got his girlfriend pregnant. Next, the girl moved away, had the baby, and raised her as a single mother, never telling her daughter, Carlee, who her real father was. However, Carlee's mother recently died in a tragic accident, prompting Carlee to try and uncover the truth. Maybe Jeff is not so lucky after all?
Annika Foster's poster
Annika Foster
Carlee Byrne
Tu Morrow's poster
Tu Morrow
Ella Mitchell
Jhey Castles's poster
Jhey Castles
Lisa Mitchell
Matthew Pohlkamp's poster
Matthew Pohlkamp
Jeff Mitchell
Johan Gran's poster
Johan Gran
Jacob Taylor's poster
Jacob Taylor
Dayne Jarrah's poster
Dayne Jarrah
Noah Mitchell
Gigi Gustin's poster
Gigi Gustin
The real Carlee Byrne