Hiroki Narimiya's poster
Hiroki Narimiya
Birthday: 1982-09-14
Narimiya Hiroki, born Narimiya Hiroshige, is a Japanese actor and model. His parents divorced when he was young, and in his 3rd year of junior high school, his mother died, and he and his brother were raised by his grandmother. He had made a promise to his mother to become serious about acting and soon dropped out of school to pursue his career. He soon debuted in 2000 in the play "Horobikaketa Jinrui, Sono Ai no Honshitsu to wa (Perishing Humankind, What is the Essence of Its Love?)". Hiroki was chosen for the part of Kane out of the 3000 actors who auditioned. In February 2001, he made his movie debut in "Oboreru Sakana". In 2002, he appeared as Noda in the television drama, "Gokusen". With his life-sized performance in this role, Hiroki won both serious acclaim and popularity. In 2003, he performed in his first-period film, "Azumi", which became a box office hit and allowed Hiroki to display his swordplay skills from daily training. On December 2, 2016, Narimiya announced retirement from the entertainment industry following allegations of illicit drug use. The drug allegations were never confirmed, but Hiroki insisted on retiring. He is currently devoting himself to other personal artistic projects, but not in the field of acting. More information can be found on his website and on his twitter account.
Career History
Tales of the Bizarre: 2016 Fall Special as (segment "Harareru!")
Assassination Classroom: Graduation as Scientist Kotaro Yanagisawa
Wife of a Kamikaze as Setsuo
The Complex as Shinobu Sasahara
Ace Attorney as Ryuuichi Naruhodou (Phoenix Wright)
Ikkyu-san as Ninagawa Shinemon
The Floating Castle as Yukie Sakamaki
The Idiots as Hide
The Tragedy of W as Takuo Watsuji
A Lone Scalpel as Kohei Nakamura
The Negotiator: The Movie as Shuji Sawaki
Drop as Hiroshi Shinanogawa
Lala Pipo: A Lot of People as Kenji Kurino
Halfway as Takanashi
Gokusen: The Movie as Takeshi Noda
Akihabara@DEEP as Page
Nana 2 as Nobuo Terashima
Sakuran as Sojiro
Tsubakiyama's Send Back as Hiromi Takeuchi
Stormy Night as Mei (voice)
Rampo Noir as Toru (story "Kagami jigoku")
Nana as Nobuo Terashima
Last Quarter as Tomoki Anzai
Breathe In, Breathe Out as Daisuke Nishimura
Azumi as Ukiha
Lovers' Kiss as Tomosho Fujii