Tania Fox's poster
Tania Fox
Birthday: 1993-07-09
Tania Fox is a Ukrainian born American actress who has starred in multiple features such as Puppet Master: Axis Termination, Art of the Dead, and Attack of the Unknown. She started acting at a young age in Ukraine. She graduated with a BFA from Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, and simultaneously starred in multiple episodes of the Ukrainian TV show "Vitalka". She then went on to graduate with an MFA in Los Angeles and continued pursuing her acting career in the US. She has written an produced multiple short films.
Career History
Blade: The Iron Cross as Elisa Ivanov
Apocalypse of Ice as Andrea
Choke as Andrea
Fair Maiden as The Fair Maiden
Art of the Dead as Tiffany Roberts
Housesitters as Sgt. Prudence Towers
Sui Side Inn as Emily