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The Simpsons
1989 — returning series
About The Simpsons:
Set in Springfield, the average American town, the show focuses on the antics and everyday adventures of the Simpson family; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, as well as a virtual cast of thousands. Since the beginning, the series has been a pop culture icon, attracting hundreds of celebrities to guest star. The show has also made name for itself in its fearless satirical take on politics, media and American life in general.
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Season 09
The Simpsons 09x25 "Natural Born Kissers"
Airdate: 17-May-1998
The Simpsons 09x24 "Lost Our Lisa"
Airdate: 10-May-1998
The Simpsons 09x23 "King of the Hill"
Airdate: 03-May-1998
The Simpsons 09x22 "Trash of the Titans"
Airdate: 26-Apr-1998
The Simpsons 09x21 "Girly Edition"
Airdate: 19-Apr-1998
The Simpsons 09x20 "The Trouble with Trillions"
Airdate: 05-Apr-1998
The Simpsons 09x19 "Simpson Tide"
Airdate: 29-Mar-1998
The Simpsons 09x18 "This Little Wiggy"
Airdate: 22-Mar-1998
The Simpsons 09x17 "Lisa the Simpson"
Airdate: 08-Mar-1998
The Simpsons 09x16 "Dumbbell Indemnity"
Airdate: 01-Mar-1998
The Simpsons 09x15 "The Last Temptation of Krusty"
Airdate: 22-Feb-1998
The Simpsons 09x14 "Das Bus"
Airdate: 15-Feb-1998
The Simpsons 09x13 "The Joy of Sect"
Airdate: 08-Feb-1998
The Simpsons 09x12 "Bart Carny"
Airdate: 11-Jan-1998
The Simpsons 09x11 "All Singing, All Dancing"
Airdate: 04-Jan-1998
The Simpsons 09x10 "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace"
Airdate: 21-Dec-1997
The Simpsons 09x09 "Realty Bites"
Airdate: 07-Dec-1997
The Simpsons 09x08 "Lisa the Skeptic"
Airdate: 23-Nov-1997
The Simpsons 09x07 "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons"
Airdate: 16-Nov-1997
The Simpsons 09x06 "Bart Star"
Airdate: 09-Nov-1997
The Simpsons 09x05 "The Cartridge Family"
Airdate: 02-Nov-1997
The Simpsons 09x04 "Treehouse of Horror VIII"
Airdate: 26-Oct-1997
The Simpsons 09x03 "Lisa's Sax"
Airdate: 19-Oct-1997
The Simpsons 09x02 "The Principal and the Pauper"
Airdate: 28-Sep-1997
The Simpsons 09x01 "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson"
Airdate: 21-Sep-1997
Season 08
The Simpsons 08x25 "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson"
Airdate: 18-May-1997
The Simpsons 08x24 "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase"
Airdate: 11-May-1997
The Simpsons 08x23 "Homer's Enemy"
Airdate: 04-May-1997
The Simpsons 08x22 "In Marge We Trust"
Airdate: 27-Apr-1997
The Simpsons 08x21 "The Old Man and Lisa"
Airdate: 20-Apr-1997
The Simpsons 08x20 "The Canine Mutiny"
Airdate: 13-Apr-1997
The Simpsons 08x19 "Grade School Confidential"
Airdate: 06-Apr-1997
The Simpsons 08x18 "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment"
Airdate: 16-Mar-1997
The Simpsons 08x17 "My Sister, My Sitter"
Airdate: 02-Mar-1997
The Simpsons 08x16 "Brother from Another Series"
Airdate: 23-Feb-1997
The Simpsons 08x15 "Homer's Phobia"
Airdate: 16-Feb-1997
The Simpsons 08x14 "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"
Airdate: 09-Feb-1997
The Simpsons 08x13 "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) cious"
Airdate: 07-Feb-1997
The Simpsons 08x12 "Mountain of Madness"
Airdate: 02-Feb-1997
The Simpsons 08x11 "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson"
Airdate: 19-Jan-1997
The Simpsons 08x10 "The Springfield Files"
Airdate: 12-Jan-1997
The Simpsons 08x09 "El Viaje de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)"
Airdate: 05-Jan-1997
The Simpsons 08x08 "Hurricane Neddy"
Airdate: 29-Dec-1996
The Simpsons 08x07 "Lisa's Date with Density"
Airdate: 15-Dec-1996
The Simpsons 08x06 "A Milhouse Divided"
Airdate: 01-Dec-1996
The Simpsons 08x05 "Bart After Dark"
Airdate: 24-Nov-1996
The Simpsons 08x04 "Burns, Baby Burns"
Airdate: 17-Nov-1996
The Simpsons 08x03 "The Homer They Fall"
Airdate: 10-Nov-1996
The Simpsons 08x02 "You Only Move Twice"
Airdate: 03-Nov-1996
The Simpsons 08x01 "Treehouse of Horror VII"
Airdate: 27-Oct-1996
Season 07
The Simpsons 07x25 "Summer of 4 ft. 2"
Airdate: 19-May-1996
The Simpsons 07x24 "Homerpalooza"
Airdate: 19-May-1996
The Simpsons 07x23 "Much Apu About Nothing"
Airdate: 05-May-1996
The Simpsons 07x22 "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish""
Airdate: 28-Apr-1996
The Simpsons 07x21 "22 Short Films About Springfield"
Airdate: 14-Apr-1996
The Simpsons 07x20 "Bart on the Road"
Airdate: 31-Mar-1996
The Simpsons 07x19 "A Fish Called Selma"
Airdate: 24-Mar-1996
The Simpsons 07x18 "The Day the Violence Died"
Airdate: 17-Mar-1996
The Simpsons 07x17 "Homer the Smithers"
Airdate: 25-Feb-1996
The Simpsons 07x16 "Lisa the Iconoclast"
Airdate: 18-Feb-1996
The Simpsons 07x15 "Bart the Fink"
Airdate: 11-Feb-1996
The Simpsons 07x14 "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield"
Airdate: 04-Feb-1996
The Simpsons 07x13 "Two Bad Neighbors"
Airdate: 14-Jan-1996
The Simpsons 07x12 "Team Homer"
Airdate: 07-Jan-1996
The Simpsons 07x11 "Marge Be Not Proud"
Airdate: 17-Dec-1995
The Simpsons 07x10 "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular"
Airdate: 03-Dec-1995
The Simpsons 07x09 "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming"
Airdate: 26-Nov-1995
The Simpsons 07x08 "Mother Simpson"
Airdate: 19-Nov-1995
The Simpsons 07x07 "King-Size Homer"
Airdate: 05-Nov-1995
The Simpsons 07x06 "Treehouse of Horror VI"
Airdate: 29-Oct-1995
The Simpsons 07x05 "Lisa the Vegetarian"
Airdate: 15-Oct-1995
The Simpsons 07x04 "Bart Sells His Soul"
Airdate: 08-Oct-1995
The Simpsons 07x03 "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily"
Airdate: 01-Oct-1995
The Simpsons 07x02 "Radioactive Man"
Airdate: 24-Sep-1995
The Simpsons 07x01 "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (2)"
Airdate: 17-Sep-1995
Season 06
The Simpsons 06x25 "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (1)"
Airdate: 21-May-1995
The Simpsons 06x24 "Lemon of Troy"
Airdate: 14-May-1995
The Simpsons 06x23 "The Springfield Connection"
Airdate: 07-May-1995
The Simpsons 06x22 "Round Springfield"
Airdate: 30-Apr-1995
The Simpsons 06x21 "The PTA Disbands"
Airdate: 16-Apr-1995
The Simpsons 06x20 "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds"
Airdate: 09-Apr-1995
The Simpsons 06x19 "Lisa's Wedding"
Airdate: 19-Mar-1995
The Simpsons 06x18 "A Star is Burns"
Airdate: 05-Mar-1995
The Simpsons 06x17 "Homer vs. Patty and Selma"
Airdate: 26-Feb-1995
The Simpsons 06x16 "Bart vs. Australia"
Airdate: 19-Feb-1995
The Simpsons 06x15 "Homie the Clown"
Airdate: 12-Feb-1995
The Simpsons 06x14 "Bart's Comet"
Airdate: 05-Feb-1995
The Simpsons 06x13 "And Maggie Makes Three"
Airdate: 22-Jan-1995
The Simpsons 06x12 "Homer the Great"
Airdate: 08-Jan-1995
The Simpsons 06x11 "Fear of Flying"
Airdate: 18-Dec-1994
The Simpsons 06x10 "Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"
Airdate: 04-Dec-1994
The Simpsons 06x09 "Homer Badman"
Airdate: 27-Nov-1994
The Simpsons 06x08 "Lisa on Ice"
Airdate: 13-Nov-1994
The Simpsons 06x07 "Bart's Girlfriend"
Airdate: 06-Nov-1994
The Simpsons 06x06 "Treehouse of Horror V"
Airdate: 30-Oct-1994
The Simpsons 06x05 "Sideshow Bob Roberts"
Airdate: 09-Oct-1994
The Simpsons 06x04 "Itchy & Scratchy Land"
Airdate: 02-Oct-1994
The Simpsons 06x03 "Another Simpsons Clip Show"
Airdate: 25-Sep-1994
The Simpsons 06x02 "Lisa's Rival"
Airdate: 11-Sep-1994
The Simpsons 06x01 "Bart of Darkness"
Airdate: 04-Sep-1994
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